A free-roaming, text-only, game of imagination.
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The Challenge

txtGame is a free-roaming, text-only, game of imagination.

You are the main character. Your goal is to help all the kids throughout the game and complete the mission for each. Along the way there is much to explore, lots of mosters to conquer, and many, many puzzles to solve.

But be warned...this game is not easy. There is no official manual. There are no graphics. You will often have to think outside of the box.

Can you solve every puzzle? Will you discover every spot on the map? Can you acquire and unlock the secrets of every skill, item, and spell? Will you find a way to complete every mission? Is your imagination big enough, your patience long enough, and your desire great enough to handle it all?

Play txtGame and find out!

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Created with passion

Powered by bearded-wookie and created with passion by Kevin Marshall of Dig Down Labs LLC.

Special thanks to the many great text-based and puzzle adventures that came before and inspired much of what you encounter throughout this game — especially, but not limited to, Zork, King's Quest, Zelda, Paper Mario, and Realmsmud.

Got a question about the game or just want to geek out with the creator? Drop me an email at info at falicon.com any time!